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        Top-Ranking Products

        Why Choose Us
        Taizhou Huangyan Yuno Mould CO.,LTD always focuses on its innovation and development. After ten years effort, It has steadily developed into a modern enterprise specialized in manufacturing various specification of PET Preform / bottle cap mould. Taizhou Huangyan Yuno Mould CO.,LTD is located in Huangyan, the eastern coast city of Zhejiang Province,which boasts as the town of mold. With convenient transportation, it has been a industrial and commercial trade gathering place.
        Yuno always focuses on its innovation and development. After ten years effort, it has grown steadily and turned into a Professional PET preform mold supplier ,Linear/rotary automatic blowing machine,PET injection machine and a series of machines as well as foreign customers praise.
        Equipped with advanced technology, we can produce the many kinds molds , which related to medical, chemical , food ,lighting ,appliance , automobile , toys, and many other industries. With the growth of the company., we devote to creating a refining products, sounding brands, good image and providing better service for the customer.Meanwhile, in 2013 we establish the R&D projects, aim to specialized in manufacturing PET preform mould , blowing mould,food packaging, building materials moulds and etc.
        Yuno takes the science and technology as the forerunner, take the quality as the center, take satisfies the customer need as the objective.
        We sincerely welcome all customers at home and abroad come to visit us and negotiate business and look forward to cooperating with you for the brilliant future
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